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Exercise: Are you in Gear?

The key to maintaining a successful workout program is knowledge. If you don't know the most effective methods for working out, you may become disheartened by your lack of results.

Keeping up to date with the latest facts and figures concerning exercise is important. As scientists focus more and more of their research on staying fit, the overwhelming findings help demonstrate the tremendous benefits exercise can bring.

How much do you really know about working out? Take this short quiz to find out.

1) According to the Surgeon General, a successful workout program involves 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise:

a. Preferably everyday
b. 3-4 days per week
c. 1 day per week

2) Resistance training should be done:

a. Everyday
b. 3-4 times per week
c. 2 times per week
d. 1 time per week

3) Exercising at your target heart rate is important.

a. True
b. False

4) Which of the following indicates you are exercising at your target heart rate?

a. Sweating
b. Breathing hard
c. Liking the music
d. Both a and b

5) Having to stop and catch my breath during exercise is:

a. A great way to slow down.
b. Shows I am really getting fit.
c. Possibly unsafe and should be avoided.

6) The minimum amount of time to exercise at my target heart rate is:

a. Approximately 9 minutes
b. Approximately 20 minutes
c. Approximately 1 hour
d. There is no minimum

7) Scheduling my workouts in advance is not really necessary for developing a successful exercise routine.

a. True
b. False