January 30, 2024

AFSCME Recommendations: 2024 Primary Elections

AFSCME PEOPLE has announced recommendations for the 2024 primary elections.

The recommendations are based on the work of the AFSCME International Executive Board, the Illinois PEOPLE Conference, and the work of Area PEOPLE committees comprised of local union members, who arrived at their recommendations after examining voting records, reviewing questionnaires and conducting interviews to determine where the candidates stand on the issues that matter to AFSCME members.

Through that process, these candidates have emerged as people who share the values that are important to union members and will stand up for the rights of workers.

Our votes can make a difference.

Early voting begins in most places on Feb. 8.

Election day is Tuesday, March 19.

AFSCME members need leaders in elected office who will have our backs. You can help elect them by signing up at the link here to be an AFSCME political volunteer.

Note: AFSCME does not typically endorse in uncontested elections.


Joe Biden (D)

Vice President
Kamala Harris (D)

1st District Supreme Court: Joy Virginia Cunningham (D)
3rd District Appellate Court: Joe Hettel (D)

4th District: Jesús “Chuy” García (D)
5th District: Mike Quigley (D)
6th District: Sean Casten (D)
7th District: Danny Davis (D)
11th District: Bill Foster (D)

State Senate
40th District: Patrick Joyce (D)
58th District: Terri Bryant (R)

State House
4th District: Lilian Jiménez (D)
5th District: Kimberly Du Buclet (D)
6th District: Sonya Harper (D)
21st District: Abdelnasser Rashid (D)
22nd District: Angie Guerrero-Cuellar (D)
23rd District: Edgar Gonzalez, Jr. (D)
24th District: Theresa Mah (D)
27th District: Justin Slaughter (D)
29th District: Thaddeus Jones (D)
31st District: Mary Flowers (D)
35th District: Mary Gill (D)
36th District: Rick Ryan (D)
79th District: Billy Morgan (D)
83rd District: Matt Hanson (D)
110th District: Matthew Hall (R)

Bring Chicago Home (Ballot Question 1)
Vote YES

Jefferson County Board
7th District: Jeffery Nowland (R)

Kendall County
Circuit Clerk: Matthew G. Prochaska (R)

Shelby County Board
7th District: Tricia Faye Miller (R)
8th District: Christine Matlock (R)
11th District: Carol Cole (R)

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